Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research – IGCAR JRF Syllabus

Hi Fellow IGCAR JRF Aspirants! 

Is Getting into IGCAR is a Dream for you, then you are in a right site to get your dreams! We knew a well issue that, IGCAR Recruits JRF for every 3 to 6 months interval or whenever there is a vacancy, whichever is possible.

Fundamentally Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research invites application for Junior Research Fellow from the candidate who had effectively cleared Junior Research Fellow Examination conducted by UGC/CSIR National Eligibility Test (NET).

In most of the cases IGCAR Invites application from the four major group of candidates, viz, Physical science, Chemical Sciences, Engineering sciences, and Metallurgy or material science.

For Metallurgy or Materials Science candidates have to take the following topics as their syllabus for IGCAR JRF dreams,
Corrosion and Interface phenomenon, Creep, Fatigue , Materials development and characterization, Micro structural, Phase equilibria, Surface modification and characterization studies, Solid State Phase transformations, Texture and Fracture studies.

For Chemical Sciences candidates the Major topics covered will be form Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic chemistry as few topics from Chemistry Nano science and technology, Catalysis and green chemistry, Medicinal chemistry and supramolecular chemistry.

For more details, click here on IGCAR JRF Chemical Science Syllabus.

Then coming to Physical Science candidates the majority of the syllabus covered in Nuclear and Particle Physics, Atomic & Molecular Physics, Electromagnetic Theory, Electronics and Experimental Methods.

For more details regarding JRF click on IGCAR JRF Physical Science Syllabus. 

Engineering Science candidates have to take exams as per their graduation in the B.E/B.Tech. Then Engineering Science Candidates has to take Mathematics and General ability as their part of the JRF examinations.

For More details, click on IGCAR JRF Engineering Science Syllabus.


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